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  • For years I’ve struggled with staying hard during sex (ED) without ever actually considering doing anything about it. I guess I kind of thought it would eventually go away on its own. Boy was I wrong! As time went by the condition actually started to get worse! My wife got frustrated and angry with me, to the point where she thought I no longer found her attractive. She even hinted at the possibility I was having an affair. All because I couldn’t “perform” in the bedroom. I was lost and confused. I tried talking to my doctor but it was pointless. Finally, I did some research of my own and found the website and read some of their reviews. That sealed the deal– I was sold! The whole entire process was so fast and painless. I had a teleconsultation with one of their doctors and a few days later got my prescription. A week later I received my first huge pills in the mail. Take it from someone who has struggled with ED for years. Huge pills work!

    Jimmy, 32, Kansas City

  • I’m that guy that tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my ED without luck. Viagra, Cialis, tablets, pills, even therapy. Nothing helped, not even a tiny bit. I was tired of doctors’ appointments and waiting rooms. I was tired of having to repeat my personal problems to complete strangers. I thought, there has to be a better (and less humiliating) way to do this. Well, all it took was a bit of online research until I found a viable solution. Apparently, there are sites that prescribe and sell you ED medication over the internet. These days the only thing I regret is not having found earlier. I highly recommend huge pills to any man who struggles with erectile dysfunction and is sick and tired of jumping through hoops to receive adequate treatment.

    Mark, 40, Chicago

  • All my life I never had any problems with getting it up. In fact, my libido was always running on high and ready to go. Then when I started nearing my 50 years of age, I began to notice a gradual drop in my ability to achieve an erection. When I would manage to get an erection, it was difficult to maintain long enough to have sex with my partner. I’d heard about this happening but I never thought it could or would happen to me. I didn’t want to waste any time. So I Googled “buy ED meds online” and pretty soon I came across the website. I was so relieved to discover that I could get my prescription and order huge pills through web without ever leaving my home. What’s more, offered to ship the pills discreetly to my house every month without fail. The best part is, these meds actually work. Not only that, they work practically to perfection.

    Scott, 53, Philadelphia

  • As a satisfied member I felt the need to write this review regarding my experience with huge pills. Quite frankly, these things are amazing! The service is also top notch. If you think you have to physically visit a doctor to get prescription ED medication, think again. Times have changed indeed! With the pandemic, it’s good to know you don’t need to leave your house to receive quality healthcare. It can all be done via the web, right on your computer. If, like me, you suffer from ED symptoms, rest assured knowing there’s a company out there that will provide you with first-rate treatment and the attention of licensed doctors. If only all healthcare worked this efficiently.

    Bruce, 55, Albany

  • It’s difficult for a man like me to admit that he has ED. I’ve never had any issues with getting erections. On the contrary, I would always be able to get hard and stay hard for long sessions of sex. So, with this embarrassing situation on my hands, you can understand why I don’t particularly like going to a doctor to discuss the shortcomings of my sex life. Thankfully I educated myself on the wonders of telemedicine and soon discovered I didn’t hesitate. I signed up and the next day was interviewed by one of their own doctors. It was all done online. In 48 hrs I got my prescription and made my first order. I started with the Basic plan then graduated to the Premium. These huge pills are great. I especially recommend the Tadalafil pills. It works fast and is perfect for a full night of passionate sex.

    Danny, 40, Long Island,